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Fairies World Logo
Fairies World
The drawings and pictures of fairies, butterflies and flowers by Myrea, the leading UK Fairy Artist.
The Fairy Shop
Gifts from well known companies distributed by Willow Hall, the leading manufacturer of quality gifts and collectibles in the United Kingdom.

Fantasy Art
Books and features from David Riche

Fairy Artists
The definitive international directory of the finest fairy artists on the internet.
A link to the great museums of the world where you will be able to learn more.
Fairy Cakes
Fairy cakes for children`s parties and cakes for all occasions
Fairy Children
Lots of fun for the very young.
Fairy Fantasia
The Art of Amy Brown and Myrea Pettit
Surreal Artist
Virginia Lee, Painter and Sculptor
Fairy Letters Tooth Fairy Letters from Aurelia and Birthday letters from Necille
Fairy Postcards
Original Art, Fairy Postcards for Birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions.
Fairy Stencils
Beautiful fairy stencils for your children`s bedrooms from a collection of artists.
Elves and Pixies
The work of elf artists James Browne coupled with the pixie art of Myrea Pettit, a delight for children and adults alike.
Fantasy Tattoos
Bringing together the artists, the tattooists and the tattoo removal clinics with advice and the chance to comission a bespoke fantasy tattoo.
Flower Faeries
Italy meets the United Kingdom in a presentation of Flower Faeries.
Fairy Pictures
The collective art of Amy Brown, James Browne and Myrea Pettit.

Fairy Festivals and Exhibitions
Fairy Exhibitions

Fairy Books
"The Art of Faery" Book, Book Shops and Books for sale.
Visionary Artist
A brief resumé of the art work of Marja Lee Kru˙t from Devon, UK
Butterfly Fairies
A Secret Fairy Realm from Country Artists™
Fairy Fonts
The work of Jane Sullivan
Fairy Paintings
A brief resumé of the art work of Ann Mari Sjögren from Sweden
Faery Art
The faery art work of Hazel Brown
Fairy Music
Fairy Harp Music from Eizabeth Jane Baldry
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